Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Campfire Stories---Pseudo-Scientific Explanations

In more recent times, explanations masquerading as scientific are being proposed by misinformed individuals and/or groups, generally with economic ties to furthering the mystique of the BMLs.  Videos of questionable BMLs can be found on the Internet while web pages posting questionable, misleading, undocumented, and even disproven BML explanations abound.  Authors often fail to distinguish between fact and fiction and elaborate extensively on their favorite ghost story---references are conveniently omitted.  In addition, theories such as stresses on geologic faults, earth lights, earth currents, ionized plasmas, luminescent gases, radioactive minerals, and even glimpses of parallel universes are proposed, but with no logical evidence to back them up.

unexplained lights

 Of course, a small number of reported BMLs are not easily explained as manmade lights.  Some personal stories, especially those of close encounters, continue to defy this logical explanation.  Investigations of these phenomena are ongoing by the Brown Mountain Light Research Team BMLRT).

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