Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lights over Brown Mountain & Catawba Valley Light Pollution---June 26, 2013

Photography from Wiseman's View June 26, 2013

City lights of Lenoir east of Brown Mountain
55 minutes after sunset
Table Rock on the east rim of Linville Gorge can be seen on the right edge of the image
Tripod-mounted Canon EOS REBEL T3i DSLR camera w/ 18 mm lens,
f/4.5, 45 second exposure, ISO-400

 Light Pollution from Catawba Valley east of Table Rock
1 hour & 36 minutes after sunset
Collective Glow of City lights from Hickory & nearby towns reflecting off high thin clouds
Individual lights near Lenoir are visible over Brown Mountain on left side of image
Several short star trails are visible in the sky over Table Rock
Tripod-mounted Canon EOS REBEL T3i DSLR camera w/ 25 mm lens,
f/4.5, 122 second exposure, ISO-400

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