Monday, November 11, 2013

Catawba Valley Lights, Moon & Venus

My photography from the NC 181 Overlook tonight produced some more interesting images; however no mystery lights were seen.  All photos were taken with a tripod-mounted Canon REBEL EOS DSLR camera with either a Canon 105-420 mm  telephoto zoom lens or a Meade ETX-125 1,900 mm 5" mirror reflecting telescope.

60% Waxing Gibbous Moon
Catawba Valley city/town lights, view looking southeast
Brown Mountain is the dark tree-covered ridge slopping to the right in the foreground

Baker Mtn, 32 mi distant & communication towers on far horizon
Brown Mountain is the flat top, tree-covered ridge in the foreground

Single flashing white orb atop communication tower on Hibriten Mtn, 20 miles distant.
Adams Mountain lies directly in front of Hibriten Mtn
Note airplane light streak in the sky and two small red orbs stacked vertically on a smaller communication tower to the left of the white orb
The north slope of Brown Mountain can be seen in the lower right corner of the image

Venus above Hawksbill Mtn, east rim of Linville Gorge

Venus setting through trees on ridgeline north of Hawksbill Mtn
on east rim of Linville Gorge
Note short star trail in sky above

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