Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Staged Light test Nov 4, 2013

On Monday night, November 4, 2013, our BML Research team conducted another radio-assisted staged light test on Chestnut Mountain.  I manned cameras at the NC Hwy 181 Brown Mountain Overlook while a pickup truck drove FS Rd 198.  The staged lights were only visible to the naked eye at one spot along the road, approximately 1.9 miles from the 181 Overlook.  Image 4832 shows our staged light.  This road is a popular destination for bear hunters & bear season recently opened in the area.  Other lights in the image are stars in the sky and distant communication tower and house lights.

Staged Light Test on Chestnut Mtn
Looking northeast from NC Hwy 181 Brown Mountain Overlook
The small white light below the skyline on lower flanks of Chestnut Mtn
is  520-lumen battery-powered handheld spotlight on FS Rd 198,
approximately 1.9 mi from the camera
The 8% Waxing Crescent Moon setting over east rim of Linville Gorge
 Looking southwest from NC Hwy 181 Brown Mountain Overlook

House Lights on Jonas Ridge
Looking northwest from NC Hwy 181 Brown Mountain Overlook
Prominent colored light streaks across center of image
are those of a large delievery truck heading north on NC Hwy 181
The skyline lights are from houses in the Gingercake Acres community along NC 1265

City/Town Lights in Catawba Valley beyond Brown Mountain
Looking southeast from NC Hwy 181 Brown Mountain Overlook
The lights of Valdese and Drexel between 125 & 140 azimuths are visible
The blinking navigation lights of an airplane are visible in the sky


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