Thursday, November 29, 2012

BML Cam Installed November 28, 2012

The BML Cam1 is up and running!

The Department of Physics & Astronomy at Appalachian State University, Boone, NC has just installed a full time camera aimed at Brown Mountain!  The purpose is to capture real time images of night time lights near Brown Mountain.  Hopefully the camera will soon be streaming live online.

Here's the first two images captured last night:

First BML Cam1 Image November 28, 2012
The large bright rayed light just above the eastern horizon is the full moon. 
Jupiter, which also rose near the moon, is obsecured by the glare from the moon
Note the bright verticle line and the triangular-shaped lens flares (lower right corner of the image)

Second BML Cam1 Image November 28, 2012
The moon has passed out of the field of view
The roof and patio of the house where the camera is mounted are seen in the foreground

Brown Mountain is located in the center of the images.  Both images show distant city lights in Catawba Valley.  The collective glow of Hickory's city lights can be seen in the center of the image.  A prominent bright spot of light on the horizon near the left side of both images is the recently lighted Christmas Star atop Hibriten Mountain near Lenoir (22 miles from the camera)---this light will remain stationary and provides a convienant landmark; at least until the city of Lenoir turns it off after the holidays.
Installation of the BML Cam1 November 28, 2012
The house is located on Jonas Ridge, Burke Co., NC
The satellite TV dish is not part of the BML Cam

BML Cam1 November 28, 2012
The camera is housed inside the metal box
The camera lens looks out through the dark glass-covered window

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