Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hibriten Mountain Christmas Star November 26, 2012

The city of Lenoir, NC is helping with our
Brown Mountain Light research!! 
They just lighted a large Christmas Star atop Hibriten Mountain----and it's visible 20 miles away from the Highway 181 BMLs overlook!
 Hibriten Mountain as seen from the Highway 181 overlook (20 miles away!)
Hibriten Mountain is the high point on the distant skyline---notice the single white light atop the communication tower and the brighter orange light of the Christmas Star (this light was not visible in similar photos taken on November 9, 2012).
Adams Mountain (only 6.5 miles away) is the dark mountain in the foreground
directly in front of Hibriten Mountain.
Canon EOS Rebel DSLR with a 420-mm telephoto lens and ten-second exposure at f/8 and ISO 800.

Hibriten Mountain as seen from Lenoir (1.9 miles away!)
Note the bright Christmas Star on the summit, the single white light atop the communication tower, and the short star trails in the sky above the mountain. 
Reflections of Lenoir city lights behind the camera illuminate the trees in the foreground.
Canon EOS Rebel DSLR with a 105-mm telephoto lens and twenty-second exposure at f/5.6 and ISO 800.


  1. Actually, the Christmas Star is permanently installed atop Hibriten---Lenior just flips the switch and turns it on each year at this time. Check it out on Google Earth---you can actually see the large 'wall' of support beams that make up the huge Star!!!

  2. Does anyone know the size of the star ?

    1. Lenoir's Christmas Star appears to be 30-40 feet tall. Those are trees and radio towers next to it