Thursday, November 29, 2012

Where's the Brown Mountain Lights?

Where's the Brown Mountain Lights?

Those of you who have have been following this blog are probably asking: "Where's the Brown Mountain Lights?"  It should be obvious by now that I'm having trouble finding them!  In fact, our research team has probably put in over 1,000 man-hours already this year---but we have yet to find any mystery lights.  We've seen 100's and 100's of lights, but they were all man-made electric lights as shown in the many photos posted on this blog. 

However, we do have dozens of intriguing eye witness reports of mystery lights observed by other people, and several members of our group report observing mystery lights in the past.  While we all have some ideas about what those lights might have been, we don't yet have any definitive evidence leading us in one direction or the other.  So the search goes on. 

We plan to continue photographing and documenting the man-made lights, conducting staged light tests, and keeping a close watch for anything mysterious.  If you have observations to share, we'd love to hear from you!  Just leave a comment on any blog post.

Our efforts also include camping, hiking, and biking on and around Brown Mountain and Linville Gorge.  And now that we have the BML Cam up and running, we hope to see and record even more lights, including natural, man-made, or otherwise! 

Stay tuned as the adventure continues!

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