Monday, December 17, 2012

Campfire Stories---Legends, Myths & Folklore

"The thing that makes the Brown Mountain Lights so great is that it is a blank slate upon which you can  project your imagination, your dreams, your visions."  Joshua Warren, 2012.

Exhaustive literature review finds gross inaccuracies in the currently popular stories of the Brown Mountain Lights.  For instance, we find no authentic written reference to BMLs before 1900, except in the BML literature itself; thus many of the numerous references in the BML literature to pre-20th century sightings appear to be unsupported legends, myths and folklore.  These are 'Campfire Stories’ because the details of each story vary greatly according to who is telling the story.  The variations in the details of each story are amazing and no one references where they got their information.  This lack of references is a clear sign that campfire stories are being told and adherence to the facts takes back seat to spinning a good tale.

These stories include:  
          Indian Maidens/Warriors
          Revolutionary War Soldier Looking for Missing Family
          Civil War Soldiers
          Slave Protecting Buried Treasure
          Murdered Wife & Baby
          Lost Lover
          Faithful Slave Searching for Lost Master
          Miners Killed in Mine Collapse

Space Aliens/UFOs

Abnormal Earth Processes
          De Brahm’s 1771 ‘Sublimating Mountain Peaks’
          Luminescent gases/plasmas
          Weather Phenomena (Andes Light, St Elmo’s fire, etc)

Glimpses of Other Universes/Dimensions

Each of these legends and myths will be covered in seperate posts.

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