Thursday, December 20, 2012

Campfire Stories---Lost Lover

The lost lover legend first appears in published documents in 1948 (Unknown Author) and is again mentioned in J. Baldwin’s 2002 document.  Unfortunately neither author references where their information came from.  According to the 1948 article:

“A young man fell in love with a mountain girl who lived with her father on Brown Mountain.  He visited her nightly, coming through the dangerous woods from his village.  They agreed to marry.  On the evening of their departure she lit a pine torch and went to greet him.  He never returned and she took a torch out every night crossing back and forth on Brown Mountain to look for him.”

According to the 2002 article, Amanda lived on Brown Mountain with her widowed father about 1775.  She fell in love with young Caleb who lived in a nearby valley.  On the evening he was to come and take her away to marry, she lit a pine torch to signal him, but he never came.  Her spirit still searches Brown Mountain for him.

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