Saturday, December 22, 2012

Campfire Stories---Revolutionary War Soldier

This legend is relatively recent and only first appeared in a 1982 article in the Watauga Democrat.  As the story goes:

“A family settled in the Brown Mountain area in the 1700s.  When the Revolutionary War began, the father enlisted, leaving behind his wife and three children.  The war over, he returned home to find his homestead in ruins.  Desperately he took to the nearby mountain range searching for his missing loved ones.  Finally, he died alone and in despair atop Brown Mountain, and today his spirit continues the search.”

The Revolutionary War ended in 1783, presumably the year the soldier returned home to find his family missing.  A children’s book by Carol Crane in 2012 retells the story. 
As with all legends, myths and folklore stories, no references were given for the sources of the information.

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