Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12 Lights on Pinch-In Trail in Linville Gorge August 13, 2014

This time-lapse photo shows 12 staged hiker lights on the Pinch-In Trail on the west side of Linville Gorge.  The lights were captured by our BML Cam2 camera which sits at a house near the lower end of the gorge.  BML Research Team members Dr. Cato Holler, Chris Holler, & I hiked the trail with 520- and 320-lumen handheld spotlights.  Recent forest fires have created open vistas along the middle portion of the trail where our lights are visible, while dense trees blocked our lights on the upper- and-lower-most parts of the trail.

 12 Staged Hiker Lights on Pinch-In Trail

520-lumen Handheld Spotlight (6" X 6" w/ 2" dia lens)

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