Monday, December 15, 2014

Dangerously Low Flying Airplane over Brown Mountain 11Dec14

During my staged light test hike on Brown Mountain on the night of December 11, 2014, I was shocked to witness a dangerously low-flying twin-engine airplane only about 100 feet off the ground!

Low-Flying Airpalne over Brown Mountain on Dec 11, 2014

It's not easy to get to Lael's Rock (my name)---I had to bushwhack about 20 minutes from Trail #2
through very dense brush on a steep rocky slope to reach the site of what I suspect is Ralph Lael's 1962 encounter with mysterious lights that he interpreted to be aliens.  The large bare rock exposure is clearly visible in the daytime and on moon-lit nights when the monlight reflects off the wet rocks.  Just 3 minutes after I arrived at the rock, and just moments before the end of twilight, a very loud twin-engine airplane about 100 feet off the ground flew overhead!  The plane actually came over the top of BM and stayed at the same 100 feet or so elevation above the ground as it descended into Holly Springs valley, then banked hard to the north as it followed Upper Creek east of Ripshin Ridge.  The plane did not have sufficient altidute to clear Ripshin Ridge so it was forced to make that sharp left turn.

Why the airplane was flying so dangerously low just moments before total darkness is unknown.  Had I not been on Lael's Rock at the exact moment the plane flew overhead and witnessed the event, we would have been hard pressed to explain the light streak.  And had Cam1 not have been purposefully started about 45 minutes early that evening in order to capture my light before nightfall, Cam1 would not have captured the lights of the airplane in the first place---in other words, we almost missed this strang light!  In the 2 years Cam1 has been operating, we've never seem such a low-flying plane.  Just goes to show that strange manmade lights do occur unexpectedly on BM!!

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