Wednesday, December 17, 2014

24 Lights on Shortoff Mtn 14Jul14

This time-lapse photo shows 24 individual staged lights on Shortoff Mtn on the night of July 14, 2014 captured by our BML Cam2 camera which sits at a private residence near the south end of Linville Gorge.  The camera points up the gorge and is 2.5 to 3.0 miles southwest of Shortoff Mtn.  The photo records my round-trip night hike to the summit of Shortoff Mtn with my 520-lumen handheld spotlight.  The cluster of lights at the right end of the line of lights marks the switchbacks on the Wolf Pit Trail.  Forest fires in recent years have created open views along the trail above the switchbacks, while dense woods below the swithbacks block all lights.

Staged Hiker Lights along the Wolf Pit and Mtn-to-Sea Trails on Shortoff Mtn

520-lumen Rechargable Handheld Spotlight (6" X 6" w/ 2: lens)

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