Thursday, December 25, 2014

Forest Service Rd 4099 Staged Light Test Apr 9, 2014

A member of our BML research team conducted an unannounced staged light test on the night of April 9, 2014.  His motorcycle lights on Forest Service Rd 4099 along Little Chestnut Mtn Ridge were captured by our BML Cam1 during his out and back round trip.  In addition, Mike's 135-lumen headlight was also visible as he hiked the short trail to the summit of Wildcat Knob.  The following image is a composite stack of 15 separate 30-second time-exposure images taken by BML Cam1 during Mike's ride and hike.  Although the team was not aware of Mike's planned light test, as soon as we saw that night's online video, we correctly guessed that the lights were produced by a motorcycle on road 4099.  This unannounced light test helped establish the actual path of FS Rd 4099 and showed the team's quickly growing expertise in understanding lights observed in the area.

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