Saturday, December 20, 2014

31 Lights on Brown Mountain 16Aug14

A probable ATV rider was captured traveling south on Trail # 2 on Brown Mountain on the night of August 16, 2014.  Although leaves were still on the trees at the time, the light was readily visible at many points along the trail.  This is one of the maintained ATV Trails as part of the US Forest Service Brown Mountain Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area (34 miles of trails atop Brown Mountain).  The image was created by stacking 31 seperate 30-second time exposure images taken by our BML Cam1.  The trace of the lights matches the convoluted path of ATV Trail # 2 as shown on the Forest Service map of the recreation area.  The lights in this image also closely match my lights as I hiked the same trail on December 11, 2014 (see earlier post).  The compiled image below shows 36 minutes as the probable ATV traveled south on the trail and 21 minutes as the ATV sat at Bear Rocks with it's headlight pointed toward BML Cam1. 

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