Thursday, December 25, 2014

Strange Lights above Brown Mountain July 4-5, 2014

Low-flying MedEvac helicopters have been seen flying at night above Brown Mountain on several occassions this year.  On the night of July 4, 2014, one was captured landing and then taking off by our BML Cam1.  The helicopter flew south-to-north (right-to-left) above Brown Mountain landing at the Caldwell Memorial Hospital in Lenoir at 11:38 pm on the 4th.  The helicopter left Lenoir approximately 36 minutes later at 12:14 am on the morning of the 5th and flew southward (left-to-right) over Brown Mountain.  For those wondering---yes there is a Heliport at the Caldwell Hospital in downtown Lenoir.

Such low-flying aircraft above Brown Mountain demostrate that unexpected manmade lights do occassionally occur in the area and can lead to misidentifications by uninformed or unprepared observers.

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